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Travel the world.

Understand different cultures.

Be inspired by beauty everywhere.

Make friends all over.

Be the citizen of the world.

Our Vision

We envision a global network of citizen ambassadors linked by genuine cross-cultural understandings and lasting friendships among students and highly skilled young professionals from different cultural backgrounds.

Our Mission

We offer that unique and once-in-a-lifetime, yet accessible, opportunity to students and young professionals from around the world to be citizen ambassadors of their country by traveling to international shores, honing their skills, and fostering their personal and professional growth.

Discover Life Beyond Our Borders

Participants get the opportunity to be exposed in an actual work environment, immerse in different cultures & create experiences. The program serves as an avenue for participants to widen their work network & develop first class skills in the hospitality industry.

Available Positions
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Locations in the USA

Training and Internship Programs

The BridgeUSA Internship Programs

Train with some of the best chefs and hospitality professionals in the United States of America, by participating in any of Experience Abroad’s fields of paid internship and training: 

  1. Culinary Programs
  2. Food and Beverage Services
  3. Guest Services
  4. Room Services Management

Personal and Professional Development

Experience Abroad offers invaluable international professional experience on a global scale. Our programs bring forth a holistic approach that effectively influences  professional and personal growth, proportionate to the extent of your willingness to immerse in the experience.

Travel and Cultural Immersion

Experience Abroad international internship and training programs allow you to leave your comfort zone, travel thousands of miles across the world and live in a foreign culture.

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