International American University

The International American University’s School of Business offers Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate programs that seek to develop the critical, analytical, and communication skills of the complete business executive of tomorrow by taking advantage of the most advanced theories, applications, and educational tools of today.

The faculty visualizes the IAU graduate as an individual equipped with the broadest range of capabilities to maximize U.S. competitiveness, effectively meeting the challenges of a changing international, economic, legal, social, political, and technological environment.

You have the talent and energy to achieve your career dreams. Now you need a high-caliber business education to develop the knowledge, skills, and insights that will let you guide your organization to success in a dynamic technological and global environment—a graduate degree that will expand your horizons and enhance your career. The IAU Masters program prepares you for the fast-changing, global business environment of the future. You will have opportunities to hone your decision-making and leadership skills in a team environment.


Available Programs


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This program enhances the student’s business acumen by combining academic concepts with practical applications relevant to real-world business challenges. The analytical, quantitative, and strategic skills gained provide a foundation for pursuing multiple professional opportunities. The program is suitable for both fully employed and full-time students.


MBA in Business Analytics (MBA-BAn)

The Business Analytics major blends an MBA core with a specialty in data system analysis. The program teaches students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to explore data from a business or organization. Hands-on components using SAP, Quickbooks, and databases provide real-world experience and demonstrate to employers that students can apply classroom learning in the field. This concentration does not require a computer science background, but students must have a Microsoft Windows OS PC or laptop to install the SQL software provided.


MBA in Management Information Systems (MBA-MIS)

This program combines an MBA core and a specialization in information systems management.

It provides both fundamental knowledge and advanced skills in business administration and information systems. Business analytics courses have hands-on components using SAP, Quickbooks, and databases that provide real-world experience. This concentration doesn’t require a computer science background, and students must have a Microsoft Windows OS PC or laptop to install SQL software.


Masters of Business in Hospitality Management (MBHM)

Coming Soon!


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

This program is specifically catered to mature students looking to advance in their careers. The program is designed to graduate scholar practitioners who will set the standard for best practices and contribute to the solution of critical business and management problems through research, teaching, and consulting. This program is suitable for experienced business professionals who want to transition into leadership positions as consultants or executives within their organizations. It provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the coursework and demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills through the completion of a doctoral project.


Doctor of Management (DM)

The Executive Doctor of Management program at IAU is designed for executive leaders seeking to improve their knowledge in management and leadership. The program focuses on organizational structure, development, planning, assessing, and implementing, among other aspects. Students learn to listen to understand and identify issues, working on case studies and presenting their findings in seminar-style courses. The program follows a structured approach of entry, diagnosis, feedback, solution, and evaluation for each project.