Who We Are

Who We Are Experience Abroad

Experience Abroad holds offices in Austin, Texas, USA, and in Manila, Philippines.

We are a team of young and passionate professionals with over 18 years of experience combined in the field of cultural exchange and international internships.

We have helped thousands of students and young professionals, like us, obtain an internship visa and participate in an internship program in the United States of America.

We understand your needs and expectations better than anyone, and know what to do to help you succeed.

Moreover, our presence in both the United States and in Asia made our services and support very accessible 24/7 to our interns and trainees.

Experience Abroad is driven by two key objectives:

  1. To offer a unique opportunity to students and young professionals from around the world, to travel and work on international shores through a guided internship and traineeship program, hone their skills, and essentially propel their professional career; and
  2. To develop them to become their country’s ambassadors.

As we endeavor to create and provide flexible opportunities and venues for these objectives to thrive, we task ourselves to be vital catalyst in building genuine cross-cultural understandings and lasting friendships among peoples from different cultural background.


Got Questions?

Visit our FAQ’s page or email us at info@experienceabroad.com.