J-1 Application Requirements

J-1 Application Requirements

October 12, 2022 By Experience Abroad

Planning ahead of your J-1 program application? Here are the J-1 application requirements needed for hospitality interns and trainees.


Eligibility Requirements

Interns are required to be enrolled or have graduated from a post-secondary academic institution with hospitality-related degrees.

On the other hand, trainees must also have a hospitality-related degree with one year of work experience. Those who did not graduate from a hospitality course must have at least five (5) years of relevant work experience.

To know more about your specific classification, you can check here.


English Requirements

It is a must that applicants are proficient in the English language, both orally and in writing. To measure your proficiency, you are required to take one of the following English tests:

  • TOEFL (Internet-based Test): minimum score of level 7, two years validity
  • IELTS: minimum score of level 7, two years validity
  • Duolingo: minimum score of 90%, two years validity
  • Berlitz: minimum score of level 4, one-year validity


Required Documents

Throughout your application, you will be accomplishing forms and collecting the documents needed, both for your program and visa application. Here is a brief summary of the required documents that you must secure:

Program Sponsor Application:

  • Resume
  • Transcript of Record/Work Sheets
  • School Certificate/Graduation Certificate/Diploma
  • Work certificate (if applicable)
  • Previous J-1 Documents (If returnee)
  • Passport
  • and other sponsor documents

US Visa Application

  • 2 copies of 2×2 picture
  • Appointment confirmation letter
  • DS-160 form
  • DS-2019 form
  • Signed DS-7002 Page 1 and 2 (Training Plan)
  • SEVIS receipt
  • Passport
  • and other supporting documents


In order for you to acquire these J-1 application requirements, you will have to coordinate with a visa sponsor or a J-1 agency. Feel free to contact Experience Abroad so that we can help you in your application process.

You can click here to see the entire application process and how these documents will be used and collected.


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